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Very nice! The effect you gave to make it look like a hologram looks fantastic, so good job on that. It all seems to be in proportion, ...

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Percy Jackson OC Meme- Robyn by misunderstoodshark Percy Jackson OC Meme- Robyn :iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 5 3
My name is Lois Fortney Evlin. I am an Assassin.
My name is Lois Fortney Evlin.  I have done terrible things. I am an assassin. I kill for money in the service of lords of chaos. I have betrayed the people I loved, left people with nothing but the clothes they stand in and I have more blood on my hands then in my entire body. My name us Lois Fortney Evlin, I have done terrible things. And I have absolutely no regrets.
I live In Amarath, the capital of my country, Zared. We are ruled by our young, arrogant king Johan,  At only 23, he sits in his golden throne, completely naïve of the seething, blood stenched underworld of his kingdom. That underworld is where I find work.
The sky is a deep shade of blue, scattered with clouds that look like when you drip paint into water, perfect for lurking in the shadows.  I can tell it’s around 10 o’clock by the large, black clocktower that swims into view, although it’s hard to see whilst at the speed I am going. I am speeding through the dirty backstreets of
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SuperWhoLock: Introductions
“You. Both of you have been away. For a long time. In a place you wish you never saw, somewhere dark.” Sherlock said, eyes slightly squinted, hand under chin.
“What?” Dean asked, stepping closer to Sherlock, slightly agitated but not letting it show.
“But you were saved.” Sherlock added, looking straigt into Dean’s eyes. Suddenly Sherlock struck his arm out to the left, where Castiel was looking, confused and dazed, by the TARDIS. Sherlock never broke eye contact with Dean. Sam, standing behind Dean, uncrossed his arms, in intrigue and annoyance. “You trust him. A lot, but it took a while.” Sherlock broke contact, and turned away. He began to walk around the TARDIS, feeling all the buttons, whilst the Doctor silently objected. “Perhaps because you lost someone. When you were young, maybe. Someone important.” John became aware of how adjitated Sam looked.
“Sherlock.” He said, touching Holmes’ arm in a si
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The 73rd Hunger Games (Jades'S Games) CHAPTER 18
Beau, Polly and Layona all stand in a vicious circle, back to back. Looking for more. I realise who they looking for. Mouse. I have no idea where she is, and neither to the female Careers, so they look around frantically. They probably think I’m dead from the wound Polly inflicted, but she didn’t hit hard enough. Soon, the Careers will notice there is no cannon and kill me. All of a sudden, a white flash shoots across my vision, hitting Beau in the chest. An arrow. Coy’s arrow. Beau drops to the ground, to her knees before falling on her face, her blood leaking into the snow. Layona and Polly, now realising Mouse in somewhere in the trees, and with a long range weapon, flee into the forest around us. As soon as they leave, I hobble up and over to Kara’s body. She’s unconscious, but I have not yet heard her cannon. I sweep away the blond hair from her face and look at the large, bloody wound inflicted on her. She’s not gonna live. I am
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Stand Together Chapter 10: Final Fight Part IIII
"Jackal to Zatanna, Roy is injured and we need your new spell!" Jackal said, hand on ear.
"Right!" Zatanna replied. "Etativel!" She then floated up into the air and looked down on the scene below. It was going well, actually. Miss Martian and Aqualad were now more or less healed, thanks to Yuansu showering Aqualad in water. They were now fighting, and winning against Hook. Ronin had knocked Vertigo out of the way, so Artemis could stop being dizzy and free Wally, who was now helping Storm and Glint. Stormbird was currently hacking into the pods mainframe to try to get the locks to come off, so she could free the league, but it was a triple incription, so it was taking a while. The League had awoken, and where trying to help as much as they could, being in the pods. INfact all the heroes that could, were fighting someone or rather. Zee then caught the eye of Vandal Savage, who stood, quite concerned, on his large stage. Zatanna was unsettled over the fact he was not doing anything. Zee
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 2 7
Final Fight (Blade) by misunderstoodshark Final Fight (Blade) :iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 0 0 Oh Snap YJ Genderswap Girls! by misunderstoodshark Oh Snap YJ Genderswap Girls! :iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 0 3
Oh, Snap! YJ Genderswap! Chapter 3!
And so they ran away from the mall, back to the Mountain. As soon as they got in, the first thing Kid Flash said, was,
"Owwww! My boobs hurt!" She wailed. Artemis and M'gann stifled laughs.
"Told you so." Artemis said, before dumping shopping bags on them all. "Good thing I bought some then." After a very long while of the girls trying to get the bras on, which Conner found EXTREMELY tricky, the genderswapped teens all sat on the sofa and watched a movie. The Hunger Games in fact.
the reaping
Wally was in tears. Artemis and M'gann were bored as hell.
Peeta with the Careers
"Oh, my God! Peeta you traitor *******!" Wally yelled.
Rue dying
Wally was sobbing so much into a confused Artemis's chest
Cato and the Mutts
"Yeah, you got what you deserved you piece of ****!" Wally yelled, standing up.  Let's just say she got a bunch of weird looks.
"Are-Are you alright, Wally?" Aqualad asked, standing up, putting her hand on Wally's shoulder.
"Yeah, why wo
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 4 5
The 73rd Hunger Games (Jades'S Games) CHAPTER 17
A cannon fires and Kara looks around for more. No-one comes. I climb down the tree, no weapons, no packs, just me. Kara looks extremely upset, staring down at the boy she just killed. I pat her on the back, before climbing back up the tree to get my stuff. When I get down, I ask where Mouse went.
“Elin? Oh, she went to get some water from the stream.” Just then, Mouse returned, saw the blood on the ground, and her lips parted. She looked at me, then the sombre Kara, and stayed quiet. She gave Kara a bottle of water, which she used to clean the spear and her hands with.
“He was from 8.” Mouse pipes up. We all witnessed the hovercraft take away the boy, and have been sitting next to where the body was since. I don’t think Mouse’s comment helped. She had been looking through her book to find him. “Named Corwin Stitch.” Kara’s eye flickered up from the snow at the name, before setting back on the red ground. I shake my h
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Young Justice Play Truth or Dare PART 9!
Young Justice Play Truth or Dare!
"Shut it Harper!" Artemis snapped, glaring.
"Right, next we have some dares from GhostShadow1312. Miss Martian, you have to change into Justin Beiber." Sharky said.
"Who's Justin Beaver?" M'gann asked, innocently enough.
"You don't wanna no." Robin mumbled.
"What was that, Robin?" M'gann said spinning around to face Rob. Robin bit his lip and sighed.
"I love Justin Beiber..." He said, annoyed. Sharky smiled, teeth showing. "And I said, you don't wanna know who he his. He's the most terrible singer to walk the face of the earth." ((A/N the expressions of the characters to not unnecessarily  reflect the views of the author. This on does.))
"I actually kind of like him..." Supey mumbled to himself.
"I need a photo or something so I can know what he looks like."
"I have one." Superboy said. "And it's definately not in my wallet because I'm definatly not a belieber." He added, quickly. He then pulled out a pic of JB, and M'gann turned into him. With boobs.
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 10 22
Starting Again.
Starting Again.
I stare at myself in the mirror, seldom giving any facial expressions to my backwards self, apart from the often downward glance at the new me. I have changed my self, my look.
I used to be so happy, I was blinded by love, the world was hazy and soft. Until the fog of passion all cleared and all the lies and betrayal was sharp and hit me like a pound of bricks. He only wanted as a trophy, as a boasting toy. I hated myself and him and the foolish game that was. But I loved him and he made me feel like I was beautiful. I tried everything to find that blind happiness again. I hurt myself and others to try to get lost like I was, but nothing worked. It only made me realize what a mess I was. I had three inches of make-up shielding my face, my hair dyed a sickly blonde and skin a dusty orange. It wasn't me.
But I will start again. I will find someone who loves me for what I am. A pale, dark-haired girl who would choose playing catch with my dad than spend a day being pulled
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 2 11
Double Meme Ft. Applebonbon by misunderstoodshark Double Meme Ft. Applebonbon :iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 4 7
Stand Together Chapter 10: Final Fight Part III
Magma peered over the side at the scene. Robin was being carried, fireman style over to a pod by the Riddler, and the rest were going to be.
"Robin and Aqualad are unconscious, the signal is -not- coming!" She said, turning to Ronin. He seemed to be the only one stopping from the New Team from unleashing hell. He sighed.
"Hey, since when is he in charge?" Blade asked, eyebrow raised and pointing to Ronin.
"Oh, and you're a -much- better choice!" Midnight accused.
The New Team began to squabble on whether or not to go in and fight, until they heard Conner shout from under the really muscly lady who doesn't seem to have a name.
"If you guys wouldn't mind!" He threw off the lady, but also alerted the New Team to the villains. Sportsmaster, now released Roy after torturing him for a while for 'Kissing his daughter', threw an explosive spear at them, leaving a beaten, bloody Roy on the ground behind him. The spear soared through the air towards the Team. Those who could fly away did, and th
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 3 11
Oh, Snap! YJ Genderswap! Red Arrow! by misunderstoodshark Oh, Snap! YJ Genderswap! Red Arrow! :iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 14 6
Oh, Snap! YJ Genderswap! Chapter 2!
"Stay in the mountain until we can get this fixed. The Justice League will be operating as usual, but you won't be able to join us for obvious reasons. That means no missions until Flash and Dr. Fate can find a way to reverse this." Ollie started, but a beeping came from the screen behind him. Wonder Woman appeared on it.
"Green Arrow, there has been-" She spotted the teens. And burst out laughing. "Oh my Gods! That's *cough cough straightface* Interesting. We need back up. There is a large attack on Central City. Bring Batman and Canary. Wonder Woman out." Aknowledging this, Canary spoke up to Artemis and M'gann.
"Girls, look after the guys. Please. Their not used to being a woman. And no funny business please. That goes for all of you." Canary said the last part to everyone. She, GA and Batman then left. Once the zeta tubes had announced their leaving, the teens all looked at eachother in silence for a moment, before laughing at eachother.
"We look ridiculous!" M'gann stated. It was
:iconmisunderstoodshark:misunderstoodshark 4 6
The 73rd Hunger Games (Jades'S Games) CHAPTER 16
I hate them both of them.
“No-ho-ho way.” I say. I can even see Mouse shaking her head.
“You are in no position to argue Jade.” She says. She then turns her head sideways. “Do you how red your face is getting. And if you agree and kill her, I will kill you before you can say ‘Capitol’.” I do need her, but not that much. I slowly reach for my boot to get my knife. Maybe I could just throw it at her and kill her, but then I would suffer the indignant death by the hands of Mouse. I find the knife and am about to throw it, but Kara’s spear is thrown and it pins my sleeve to the tree also making the knife fall. I am shocked.
“Well, your aims improved.” I say. “Fine. I agree. Can you get me down now please?” Kara steps forward and picks up my axe. She then slice the rope making me fall on to my head in the snow. This is not my day. I pick up my axes, gather Coy’s arrows and my knife and out the
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